The Hunter's Anthology: "Pilot" Trailer

Six strangers find themselves trapped in a New York City subway by Mac (Taylor August), a  mysterious man who claims to be a demon hunter.  Insisting one of them  is evil, he peeks into their souls discovering five eerie, supernatural  tales.  It’s then up to Mac to solve the mystery and destroy the demon  amongst them.

The Hunter's Anthology: Ep. 1 - "The Fortune Maker" Trailer

Convinced her life is in danger, Tabitha desperately seeks the help of Madame Renee, a fortune teller who's never been wrong... 100% guaranteed.

The Hunter's Anthology: Ep. 2 - "Channel 14" Trailer

When newlyweds Clint and Madison discover that channel 14 broadcasts a surveillance camera outside their new apartment, they find a creepy creature lurking out there, trying to break inside.

The Hunter's Anthology: "A Visit to the Asylum" Trailer

Steven visits his grandmother at an insane asylum and gets the shock of his life, forcing him to question his own sanity.


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